Doof Festival 2006 – Kinneret Lake, Israel

There was music, dancing, and swimming in the lake, just like any other trance festival…
…and then, suddenly, a stack of hay bales caught on fire.

You’d think this would be a problem, but no. This is Israel. Fire… whatever. Also, many people here had just come from working or attending the Soulclipse Solar Eclipse Festival in Turkey weeks before, where an unexpected hail storm had collapsed the main stage. This little blaze, relatively speaking, was not such a big deal. After all, we were right next to a lake.

From the Doof Festival website:

“The dance floor was full of psychedelic wizards. The vegetable squeezers were present, the regular left speaker magnets were present. In the last morning a hey stack caught fire. No, it was not a part of the show. Within 20 minutes the DJ booth was rebuilt somewhere else and the party went on even higher than before the fire.”

Doof Festival :