Four Days in Singapore

You can see a lot in four days in Singapore, particularly because this city-island is constantly in motion. You can dine and shop 24 hours a day. The airport itself is more timeless than a Vegas casino, with orchids, hotels-by-the-hour and reflexology booths.

And oh, the orchids… Singapore is absolutely dripping with these delicate tropical treasures.

It’s a quirky place, part-Dutch, part-Chinese, part-Indian, and part-Arab in heritage and ethnic division. You can still see the distinctive architectural forms and clear boundaries in restaurants and shops where the groups remain self-segregated even now.

The people i met seemed to be incredibly friendly and helpful. Like many places, nobody wanted to say ‘no’ to anything, especially a request for directions or local knowledge. Given that i had no real destinations or time constraints, the rabbit-hole journeys one encounters following this kind of advice provided endless adventures for me on my short visit.