Symbiosis Gathering is one of E Magazine’s ’10 Festivals Serious About Being Green’

I just found out that E ‘The Environmental’ Magazine has named Symbiosis Gathering, with support from EcoGatherings, as one of 10 Festivals Serious About Being Green. As a co-founder of both these organizations, I am honored on behalf of everyone involved to be recognized for our efforts.

From E Magazine, by Rebecca Benson:

Symbiosis Gathering’s goal is to “create an experience that is transformative and inspiring, based in a deep respect for our community and environment.” It’s not only a music festival but an art and wellness festival as well. Working with EcoGatherings, a green event organizer, Symbiosis has been able to stay environmentally friendly by reducing waste and integrating environmental education into all their events. They have a “leave no trace” visitor policy and recycling and public transportation systems set up. Even their promotions use non-toxic ink and tree-free or recycled paper.

Check out the other 9 festivals mentioned too. It’s great to see eco-logical practices become standards in large scale event production.