Aug 3: Evolver Intensive Teleseminar – with Alex Grey, Larry Harvey, Erik Davis, Antero Alli, and Jen Zariat

Please join me for the Evolver Intensive teleseminar, “Forging Community Through Visionary Art: How You Can Awaken Your Spirit and Your Connection To Others.” I’ll be taking part in a week of discussions hosted by the acclaimed author and culture critic, Erik Davis. In addition to my call, featured guests will include visionary painter Alex Grey, ritualist and filmmaker Antero Alli, and the legendary Larry Harvey, founder of the annual Burning Man festival.


Topics and Concepts:

How does visionary art help us create community? How can you express your creative truths and engage with visionary art to help evolve the world forward? Art and performance can not only inspire and delight — they can transform your life. Infused by the thrum and expanse of primal myths and rituals, a few powerful creators are reviving the deep power of creativity — opening eyes to the possible, reforging community in a society driven into pockets of isolation. These calls will offer practical steps you can take today – on the personal, local and planetary levels – that you can integrate into your life so you can make a difference in our world. Not only will you participate in these calls, you’ll have the chance to ask the questions that most challenge you. To learn more, just go to

For detailed participant bios and outlines of the upcoming discussions, register at the page above or visit


JEN ZARIATWhat does it really mean to be Green?Jen Zariat, one of the world’s leading experts on full-spectrum green consciousness and action, walks us through the mindset and planning that goes into making an event seriously “Green.” With her background in planning large events and festivals, Jen will demonstrate how to undertake a holistic approach, starting from the initial visioning, through how space is properly used, materials are procured, energy is supplied, people are moved, volunteers are chosen and mentored. Discover how art and entertainment can be vehicles of transformation, not only in their over messaging, but through the way they are constructed, and when they are finished, whether we do or do not leave our trace. On this call, Jen will open your eyes to new shades of green — both in your mind and in your world.

On this call, Jen will explore with you…

  • How to shape elements of an event to encourage guests to grow into genuine Participants — and ‘take co-ownership’ in the community experience
  • How to craft rituals, body language and avenues of communication to include rather than exclude others
  • Secrets of how to consciously create new opportunities to engage others in creative community projects
  • What visionary art adds to the aesthetic of a tribal or community event that transform the overall experience

Jen Zariat, co-founder of Symbiosis Events and EcoGatherings, is an event producer and new media specialist with over 10 years of global experience. She has worked on the production crew of events from Rainbow Serpent (Australia) to Soulclipse (Turkey) to Boom Festival (Portugal), and many in her local California. She also contributes as a guest speaker and panelist on topics of community building and ‘conscious’ event production. Her continuing goal is to integrate the insights from these experiences into meaningful innovations.