How I Became Featured in a Portuguese Salon Blog

Sometimes when going for a dramatic change in style, it’s best to leave things in the hands of the experts, even if it means you don’t necessarily know what you’re going to get. This is especially true when visiting a salon in another country, where the stylists speak a different language than one’s own.

I knew from seeing photos online that the people at WIP-Hairport in Lisbon were experts at creating innovative cuts and colors, so i decided to find them while i was in town for Boom Festival. I first realized the nature of my challenge when i tried to call and make an appointment – my Portuguese was barely enough to perform even this simple task. How would we be able to discuss what they were going to do to my hair?

Arriving at the salon, rather than attempt to explain in stuttering Portuguese an intention i didn’t really have anyway, i decided to just trust the stylist (Birgit) to create something original for me.

Cut? Color? Okay, sure…

She added shades called ‘petrol blue’ and ‘fluoro yellow’ to my naturally blond, un-dyed hair, and i tried not to flinch – not even when they chopped away my shoulder-length tresses in massive swaths and darkened my locks by several shades. When she was finished, the results were actually pleasing even beyond my initial hopes… unique, attractive, and nothing i would have ever chosen for myself.

Apparently the stylists were also pleased with their work; they decided to photograph my new ‘do to feature on their blog:

Jen Zariat veio de São Francisco e aproveitou para cortar o cabelo no WIP-Hairport antes de seguir para Idanha-a-Nova, onde vai trabalhar como “Moderator of a Panel Discussion about Visionary Art” no Boom Festival.
A Jen soube da nossa existência através do Facebook. Consta que existe um grupo no Facebook que troca fotos com os nossos cortes. Tendo em conta que já conhecia o nosso trabalho, ela deixou tanto o tipo de corte como a cor ao critério da Birgit, desde que este fosse único, versátil, fácil de pentear e que não necessitasse manutenção.
As três madeixas de cores diferentes, estrategicamente colocadas, fazem sobressair a vesatilidade do corte.

Jen Zariat comes from San Francisco. She decided to pay us a visit before heading on to Boom Festival, where she’s going to work as a “Moderator of a Panel Discussion about Visionary Art”.
Jen found out about WIP-Hairport through Facebook. It seems that there’s a group in Facebook that exchanges photos with our haircuts. Since she already knew our work, she’s let Birgit decide the right haircut and haircolor. However, it should be unique, versatile, easy to style and to maintain.
The highlights with three different colors were strategically positioned to enhance the versatility of the haircut.