Art Freaks in Lisbon

On my way to Boom Festival, where i would be moderating a discussion panel on Visionary Art, i spent a few days in Lisbon. I happened to meet up with my friends Lynx and Andrei Heyoka, musicians performing at the event who were also in town early.

While we were there, i got a message from another friend who was already onsite setting up the event, who needed some art supplies. Since we were still near the big-city specialty stores, and since i speak decent Portuguese (enough for basic shopping), i agreed to help. It turned out to be a little more than i had in mind… We (meaning Andrei) managed to carry the gear (most awkwardly, a 2-meter-wide roll of paper) through Rossio, the tourist section of downtown Lisbon, and back to our spot for storage. It was a little bit of an adventure.

Also, i saw a Symbiosis sticker on a parking meter in Bairro Alto one night. I have no idea how it got there.