East Bay Backyard Veggie Harvest

Fall harvest time! The garden is flourishing. In fact, it could really use some water.

So far this year i have had an abundance of arugula, lettuce, kale, assorted herbs, and a few chilis. I’ve also got some chamomile starting to take over as ground-cover in the shady patch.

The lemon cucumber is extending tendrils beyond its pot, and has spectacular golden blossoms. I’m not sure if it will fruit before the end of the year? It’s currently suffering from some powdery mildew. I’m going to move it to where it’ll get more sun and see if that helps. One of the benefits of container gardening is the ability to make mid-season adjustments!

I just started some heirloom green beans along the fence, and i’m hoping they will take off through the winter. Since we don’t get a frost here in Oakland, i’m hoping the kale and other greens will keep going, too. It’s still beautiful out, and the rains haven’t started yet, so we’ll see…